Character Animation Studies

The following set of brief studies were created during the Animation Bootcamp course at School of Motion. The assignments focused on the application and refinement of animation principles and the study of the physics of human motion. We were provided with rigged static characters and background graphics. I was responsible for the script, storyboard, animation and sound design in these pieces.

Tired Olly

An animation study with Olly, a  2-D character rigged with DuIk. We had to videotape ourselves going through the motions we wanted the character to do, plot out the key poses based on what we saw and then exaggerate, animate and finesse.

Dolly Throws It

This animation study involved closely analyzing the mechanics of throwing a ball and coercing Dolly, our 2-D rigged puppet, into executing the moves.

Olly vs Machine

Another scene with our hapless hero, Olly.