Animation Studies

The following set of brief studies were created during the Animation Bootcamp course at School of Motion. The assignments focused on the application and refinement of animation principles, preparation of assets from various sources and the wrangling of advanced controls in After Effects. All animation was done without the use of plugins. I was responsible for the script, storyboard, animation and sound design in these pieces.

Circle Society

An animation study focused on reinforcing motion with secondary and overlapping action and choreographing support from other elements on the stage.

Ministry of Eye Control

An animation study focused on the principle of eye trace. The goal is to lead the viewer’s eye to exactly where you want it.

Brainhole Reveal

A logo reveal for a fictitious web company. The focus was on oscillation, anticipation, follow-through, secondary animation and squash and stretch.

Nudl Reveal

This opening screen reveal for a fictitious company explores the principles of follow-through and squash and stretch.

Scrapbook Elvis

A promo for a fictitious reality tv show. This intention of this project was to abandon smooth motion by employing hold keyframes (jumping from pose to pose) resulting in a janky stop motion-style animation.