Healthy Farms

Healthy Farms 

This is the first in a series of informational pieces for Western Plant Health targeted at CA legislators. The focus is to highlight the importance of the farm as open/green space that can be an active agent in combating climate change. The video demonstrates the cascading effect of responsible use of crop inputs (fertilizer, pest control) to produce hardy plants which create healthy farms which contribute to more open space to absorb carbon pollution from the air.

I utilized an illustration style with a collaged, textured look. The animation is intentionally chunky with a stop-motion vibe to match the feel of the visuals.

Banner artwork was created to promote the video and campaign across various online venues.

My roles: Concept, script, storyboard; layout and design; illustration, art preparation and rigging; typography; 2d animation, sound design.

Software used: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Audition